4 Tips and Tricks for Aspiring DJs

If you want to be a DJ, then you must not just be good at songs but also at entertaining your audience. You have to know what moves your audience and what would get them partying all night long. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

1. Set up several playlists.

Invest a considerable amount of time and energy in making a playlist before the actual gig. You should also work on your transitions to make the whole event smooth and nothing less than entertaining. If you think that you have to play music for a type of crowd that you can’t predict, it is best that you have multiple playlists to turn to. You may end up always switching vibes and sounds to match the crowd’s reaction, the occasion, and the overall ambiance of the party.

You can’t know a thing about your crowd until the second you get behind the discs so it’s imperative to focus more on your music instead of worry about transitions and mixes. For corporate events, individuals couldn’t care less much about transitions. They mostly care about what kind of music they’re listening to.

2. Try not to let party poopers get into you.

There will be people who will try to lower your spirit as a DJ. But you should let them do that to you. After all, if everybody else seems to have a great time, you shouldn’t be affected by that one person. You need to understand that there will be a couple of individuals who won’t appreciate what you do. This is precisely why crowd reading is n crucial DJ expertise, and truly is the one thing that requires a long time to learn.

3. It is fine to use mini-mixes.

If a set lasts for around 8 hours, taking a few quick breaks is necessary. Your mini-sets will be helpful in this case and they will allow you to step away from the mixing table from time to time. Company events are all about generating synergy between the DJ and the crowd. There will be speeches and meals, among other things, on the program. You may also use your mini mixes during this time.

4. Don’t be reluctant to play novelty songs.

These little instances may turn out to be the best parts of the evening. You’d like your performance to be unforgettable, and a way to do that is to play a novelty track. Just one silly song can improve the amusement level of the night.

As soon as you have your audience enjoying well-selected songs and programming, drop the surprise song at an unexpected moment. When properly carried out, the dance floor will go wild. It may be a cheesy moment but hey, you’re being loved by the crowd!

If you want to be the best Calgary corporate event DJ, follow these tips and you’ll definitely be well on your way to being that one person who is the favorite of partygoers in your location.